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The types of breast forms we carry are:
Fillets • Ovals
Teardrop or Pear shape

Find all of your breast form needs at TrueKare!

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Breast Enhancement

There are many different ways to enhance your breast

  • Surgery
  • Pills or Supplements
  • Foam or fabric Inserts
  • Silicone Enhancers

Surgery has its obvious drawbacks including cost and health risk.

Pills and supplements are generally regarded as hoaxes. Depending on where you get them from they also carry considerable health risk.

Foam or fabric inserts are inexpensive and generally achieve the desired look. The main drawback from these inserts is the unnatural feel and weight. If someone were to try and feel a breast with these inserts, it would be very obvious that it is not real.

The Silicone Breast Enhanment forms are only slightly more expensive than the fabric type of inserts. The Silicone Enhancers are soft and lifelike with a weight very similiar to real breast.

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