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Silicone Breast Enhancers / Breast Forms

Silicone Breast Enhancers / Breast Forms are unique and different from other types of breast forms. The enhancer form is designed to add volume and just a little lift to your existing breast. A Push-Up Breast Form will add very little in the way of volume, its sole purpose is to push-up what you have. The Full Breast Form will not push-up at all, it is a full coverage form that will cover your entire breast.

The 312 enhancer form works best for someone with an A, B or C cup who would like to add a cup size or two. The breast enhancer form is slightly concave on back so the breast fits comfortable in the form. The bottom of the form is thicker, to help push-up the breast. The breast enhancers slip easily in almost any bra and are both soft and comfortable. Tapes or adhesives are not usually required to hold the forms in place. Using breast enhancers usually means buying a larger bra for a comfortable, more natural fit.

Water Wear Push Up pads are water and oil filled pads. They are as soft as real breast, and they always pass the "hug test". If you are looking for a basic and inexpensive breast enhancer, this could be your form.

For years women have been using breast enhancers to make themselves feel more confident and attractive. Using a good quality enhancer insures your forms will have a real feel and not have any unusual plastic odor found in less expensive enhancer forms.

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