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The types of breast forms we carry are:
Fillets • Ovals
Teardrop or Pear shape

Find all of your breast form needs at TrueKare!

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Transform Breast Forms

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about which product and size would be best for you! You can reach us at

Amolux Breast Forms

  • German made luxury breast forms
  • Soft, matte skin for a more natural appearance
  • Ultra soft silicone for natural drape and bounce

Amolux stick on breast form
attachable german breastform
Amolux built in glue breast form
attachable german breastform

Divine Breast Forms

Aphrodite realistic breast form
attachable realistic breastform
  • Canadian made luxury breast forms
  • Silicone skin looks more realistic and can be used with makeup
  • Very realistic built-in silicone nipples for the most realistic look and feel

Transform Premier Breast Forms

  • Cashmere soft skin is supple, more matte for a softer, bouncier feel
  • Unique textured three-dimensional nipple / areola for the most realistic look and feel

transform triangle breast form
tf-98 Items
transform semi-round
TF99 Unique Features
transform premier
TF-100 Unique Features

Transform Natural Look Breast Forms

  • Soft skin is resilient yet durable
  • Soft silicone gel feels and moves like natural tissue
  • Modest lighter color nipple
  • Super value

transform natural tf-101
TF-101 Unique Featrues
Transform Natural 102 Oval
tf-102 Unique Features

Transform Supersoft Breast Forms

  • Ultra soft silicone gel mimics weight of natural breasts
  • Thin, supple skin allows breast forms to drape and bounce for a more natural look
  • Comfortable fit

Transform soft silicone breast
Supersoft Unique features
Transform Supersoft Triangle 202
Transform 202

Transform Superperk Breast Forms

perky implant breast forms
tf-301 Features
  • Built-in nipples with extra protrusion and firmness for a young, perky look
  • Soft silicone gel inside a durable outer skin
  • Easy to fit

Transform Standard Breast Forms

  • Durable, yet soft and lifelike
  • Moves with the body
  • Modest internal nipple
  • Great value

Transform Standard Oval Forms
tf-401 Unique Features
Triangle 402 Breast Forms
TF-402 Points
Oval Semi Round Breast Form
TF-403 Features

Transform Premier Attachable Breast Forms

  • Cashmere like skin
  • Realistic textured nipples
  • Unique, ventilated, replaceable adhesive pads
  • Change the pad to make the adhesive like new again

premier semi round attachable breast form
tf-96 features
triangle attachable transform
tf97 features

Foam Breast Forms

foam breast form
$38.00 / pair

Brand: Transform
Shape: Triangle
Material: Foam
Weight: Lightweight
tf 801 foam breast forms
$32.00 /pair

Brand: Transform
Shape: Triangle or Oval
Material: Foam
Weight: Lightweight

Extra Large Silicone Breast Forms

transform queen size breast form
$280.00 /pair
Brand: Transform
Shape: Triangle
Material: Silicone
Weight: Standard

Adhesive Nipples - Attach to breast forms or skin

Amolux attachable nipples
Tapered Edges
Divine attachable nipples
Ultra Realistic Nipples
transform natural look nipple
Very Realistic Nipples
Superperk Nipples
With Extra Protrusion
transform queen size nipple card
Large Realistic Nipples

Silicone Breast Enhancers

Transform 701 Enhancers
TF Enhancers Features
Venus realistic breast enhancer
attachable realistic breast enhancer

Breast Form Bras & Accessories

transform bra
Enhance look and feel of any Transform breast form
tf bra white
Enhance look and feel of any Transform breast form
transform satin lace pink bra
Beautiful pocketed bra for use with many breast forms
Amolux soft cleanser
Cleans and refreshes breast forms
Gaffs for crossdressing
Create a flatter front
Gaffs for crossdressing
Create a flatter front
Divine breast form wash
For daily use
Divine Stay Dry no sweat spray
Slow sweat with breast forms

Breast Form Adhesives

breast form tape
Double Sided Breast Form Tape

Kidney shape
queen size breast form tape
Large Breast Form Tapes

Securely holds breast forms in place
ss tape
Silicone Security Tape

From Transform

SkinTac Wipes

Super-stick your adhesives

TacAway Wipes

Removes adhesive residue
adhesive pads for attachable breast forms
Renew your Premier Attachable breast forms with new replacement pads!

Padded Undergarments

padded panty
Transform Hip and Rear Padded Panty
padded panty
Underworks Hip and Rear Padded Panty
padded panty
Gold Seal Hip and Rear Padded Panty
padded panty
Underworks Padded Rear Lifting Panty

Breast Form Shapes and Alignment in the Bra

  • Triangle breast forms should be worn with the smallest curve at the top.
  • Oval breast forms (sometimes called teardrop) can be turned vertically or horizontally with the smallest curve (“wing”) toward the underarm and the widest curve toward the center. Turn them based on whether you want fullness on the sides, fullness up the chest, or depending on the dress you are wearing.
  • Asymmetrical breast forms (sometimes called classic) have a very special shape that is meant to be worn only one way. Each form is a left or a right. The big round curve on each form should be worn toward the center of the chest at the bottom, and the two little “wings” of the form fit near the underarm. The shape should closely match the cup of most bras. If it doesn't fit well, you might have it turned the wrong way or on the wrong side.

Putting breast forms in to a regular bra

  1. Lengthen the bra strap on one side.
  2. Pull the cup away from the chest wall.
  3. Insert the form from the inside top of the cup. Turn the form in the direction that best fills the bra cup and looks the most natural. Repeat on the other side.
  4. After forms are in place, adjust the straps on each side.
  5. Look at the fit. Both sides should match and the bra cups should cover the prosthesis completely. The prosthesis top tapers should prevent clothing from sinking in. Each form should fill and not bulge at the top of the cup; plus, the forms should settle into the bottom of each cup. The straps should not cut into the shoulders.
  6. If the forms are too big, too small, or do not fill where they need to fill, try another style or size of form.

Putting breast forms in to a pocket bra

  1. Spread the bra out on a flat surface with the inside of the bra facing you.
  2. Hold the form by the edges with a flat hand so that the nipple is facing down.
  3. Spread the elastic on the cup and slide the form in so that the nipple faces outward.
  4. Adjust the form so it settles into the bottom of the cup.
  5. Hold the bra up with the form inside the pocket to make sure it looks correct.
  6. Be careful not to puncture the form or fold it. Transform and Nearly Me silicone forms are very durable, but the polyurethane skin can be punctured.

Taking breast forms out of a pocket bra

  1. Slide your hand all the way into the pocket in front of the form.
  2. Stretch the elastic and pull the form out without folding it.
  3. Try not to grab the wing with your thumb and forefinger to pull it out. The forms are durable, but can be punctured.

Using double-sided tape

  1. Peel the paper backing from one side of the tape and attach it to the form. You can use as many pieces as you need.
  2. Peel the paper backing from the other side of the tape.
  3. Hold the breast form over your chest and use a mirror to align it correctly.
  4. Press it firmly against your chest.
  5. When you are done wearing the form, gently peel it away from the chest.
  • The double-sided tape should not leave any residue on your skin or on the form. If you are having trouble peeling the tape from your skin or off of the form, use a little baby oil to help release the stickiness.
  • Breast forms are always meant to be worn inside a bra. The tape is only meant to help keep them securely in place.
  • Do not use double-sided tape on foam forms.
  • Wash forms with mild soap and water after using tape.
  • Always remove the tape when you are finished wearing the form. Do not add tape on top of tape that is already on the form.

Cleaning breast forms and attachable nipples

  • You can wash your silicone breast forms and silicone attachable nipples with mild soap and water.
  • Any soap that is safe for your skin is safe for the forms' polyurethane skin.
  • Do not use solvents like alcohol or kitchen cleaning products.
  • The silicone forms are totally water proof.
  • Then towel dry and put them back in the cradle inside their box.

Cleaning your Transform lingerie

  • It is always best to hand wash and air dry lingerie so the garments retain their shape, elasticity, and the lace details are not damaged.
  • Hand wash with laundry detergent, rinse, and hang or lay flat to air dry.
  • Make sure to take out the breast forms before you wash your bras.
  • Wash padded panties and pads separately.

Storing your breast forms

Just keep your box! The molded cradle inside the box is the perfect shape for maintaining your forms.

At TrueKare, we believe that everyone should not only be happy with who they are on the inside, but also feel good about how they present themselves to everyone else.

Breast forms, though they only make a small physical difference, can change a great deal about how you feel.

We receive sizing questions every day via e-mail. "Which size would you recommend for me? I'm currently ....". We can usually point you in the right direction, and make you feel more confident about your choice. Please don't hesitate to e-mail us with any questions you might have. Always try and include your current bra band and cup size, and any other pertinent size information by sending an e-mail to

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