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insert side NEARLY ME® TF-701 ENHANCERS

TF Enhancer


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Enhancers are meant to fit under or beside natural tissue to enhance cleavage or add size. TF-701 enhancers are made of 100% silicone encapsulated in a thin polyurethane skin that offers the feel and movement of natural tissue. They fit best in underwire bras. Attachable Nipples can also be added. TF Breast Enhancers


Sizes: 3 Sizes - Medium (2), Large (3), X-Large (4)
Colors: Beige
Gel: Standard weight gel matches natural tissue
Nipple: No Nipple
  • Symmetrical to fit either side of the body
  • Fits under or beside natural tissue to add cleavage or size
  • Sold in pairs only

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For a 1 to 1 1/2 Cup Increase:

BAND SIZE 34-36: Order Size Medium (2)
BAND SIZE 36-38: Order Size Large (3)
BAND SIZE 38-40: Order Size X-Large (4)

Adjust size up or down to add a little more volume, or a little less volume.

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